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        1. Together We Are Stronger.

          The Caterpillar Foundation's mission is to alleviate poverty
          and place people on the path to prosperity.

          Together. Stronger.

          We cannot alleviate poverty alone

          The Caterpillar Foundation believes that no one organization or individual can end extreme poverty. That’s why we created Together.Stronger. This collaborative impact platform unites business, non-profits, governments and citizens to combine their strengths to help 50 million people rise out of poverty by 2020. 

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          Grant Partners

          Our partners are doing life-changing work throughout the world,
          and we’re bringing them together to make their work even stronger.

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          Get Involved

          There are many ways Caterpillar employees and retirees can make an impact together with the Caterpillar Foundation:

          • Pledge to be a Global Citizen
          • Disaster Matching
          • Matching Gifts
          • United Way Fund
          • Volunteer tracking
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          Febrary 3, 2020
          Caterpillar Foundation provides support for coronavirus outbreak

          Our thoughts are with the people of China and those impacted around the world impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. We are continuing to monitor the ongoing developments closely, as the health and safety of our employees is our top priority.

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          January 16, 2020
          Support for Customers and Dealers Helping Fight the Australian Bushfires

          Our thoughts are with the people of Australia as bushfires rage across the region. As our customers and dealers help with the relief and recovery efforts, we are proud to support them as well as work in partnership with the American Red Cross.

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