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        1. Product stewardship covers the full lifespan of our equipment from the supply chain, to the customer’s job site, to end-of-life. This means taking active steps to reduce potential environmental, health and safety, and social impacts, as well as optimizing operational quality and efficiency throughout the life of the product. Product design and development is central to product stewardship as it influences sustainability at each stage of the lifecycle.  There are five stages in our product’s lifecycle - Stage 1 – Supply Chain (which includes material extraction), Stage 2 – Manufacturing, Stage 3 – Distribution, Stage 4 – Usage, and Stage 5 – End of Life Management (which includes reman, rebuild and recycling).

          Product Design and Development

          Cat products have evolved significantly over the past 90 years, and sustainability has been a big part of these changes. Some of the key areas of focus for product design are safety, fuel consumption and emissions, material selection and efficiency, product configuration for shipping, and extending end-of-life.

          Supply Chain

          We view our suppliers as an essential link within our value chain and an essential part of our commitment to sustainability. We look for suppliers who demonstrate strong values and commit to the ethical principles outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct. We expect suppliers to comply with the sound business practices we embrace, follow the law and conduct activities in a manner that respects human rights

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          We have established high performance standards for environment, health and safety that extend beyond compliance with laws and regulations. We develop manufacturing processes to minimize safety risks. We also work to minimize the environmental impact, with a focus on energy conservation, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, water conservation and waste reduction.

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          Cat? branded products and services are distributed through a worldwide network of Cat? dealers. Other brands in our portfolio are distributed through their respective channels that optimize customer value in accordance with their brand value propositions. Sustainability has always been a focal point of how we design shipping networks, optimize transportation modes and configure products for optimal shipping.


          We recognize that the sustainable performance of our products is strongly influenced by how they are used on customer’s sites. Our technology and solutions business model is designed to meet that need by going “beyond the iron” to increase sustainable utilization of Caterpillar products. We also work with our dealers to provide services and support solutions necessary to satisfy customer sustainability needs.

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          End-of-life Management

          At Caterpillar, innovating for the products’ end-of-life starts with durable products, many designed to be rebuilt multiple times. Through our reman and rebuild programs, components and machines are overhauled, rather than completely replaced. Reuse of parts reduces waste and minimizes the need for the raw materials necessary to produce new parts. It also preserves the energy that was used to during manufacture.

          Caterpillar also works with customers and dealers to encourage recycling or the proper disposal of end-of-life materials.

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