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        1. Working Together


          Working Together

          The diversity and commitment of our people have always been the heartbeat behind our success. Together, with our partners, we are providing the solutions that help our customers build a better world.

          Our People

          Caterpillar people demonstrate a passion for innovation and customer service. Our diverse workforce speaks over 100 languages and is bound by a common goal: making the world better tomorrow because of the work we are doing today.


          We have dealers in over 180 countries that provide expert service and knowledgeable advice - the result of decades in the business. Cat dealers have ways to help you enhance every aspect of your operation, so you can work faster and more efficiently than ever.


          Caterpillar employees include this hashtag in social media posts that relate to our company, products and services. The hashtag allows our employees to disclose their relationship to the company – while also showing their Caterpillar pride.


          Join Team Caterpillar

          We need highly skilled individuals to manufacture, assemble and support production of Cat products.

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          Conflict Minerals Position Statement

          Caterpillar is committed to the responsible sourcing of Conflict Minerals used in our products.

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          Learn about Caterpillar's Data and Information Security Principles for connected solutions; we are working together to protect data and minimize cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

          Learn More on cat.com